About the PILN

  • victims of discrimination;
  • human rights violations;
  • abuse of power;
  • state collusion in criminal activity.

The PILN’s focus is a product of the pressing need to address concerning issues in Malta. We aim to pursue strategically important cases concerning the issues outlined above, to force institutional reform.

Watch this video about the PILN’s work:

We are entirely independent

Established in 2021, we campaign alongside aggrieved members of the general public by holding those responsible to account and effect meaningful change to prevent future violations or abuse of power.

How we are funded

Specialist casework

The PILN is committed to providing legal assistance, representation and advice in the form of litigious and non-litigious dispute resolution to those aggrieved, particularly in cases of human rights violations, discrimination and cases of public interest. In addition to addressing cases of public interest in which there are identifiable victims, the network takes on cases of systemic corruption with the aim to strengthening the rule of law.


We use direct evidence from our casework to influence national laws and policies and, in the process, inform a significant portion of the population on the advantages of a system based on the rule of law and respect for human rights, versus one of patronage, clientelism and abuse of public office.

Social justice

We want to ensure that victims of discrimination, human rights violations, abuse of power, and state collusion in criminal activity, have access to justice. We aim to do this by using litigious and non-litigious cases to force institutional reform and accountability, and explore the use of national and international mechanisms to ensure democratic accountability.

How we work

Lawyers in the Network will take up individual cases that ensure State and individual accountability. Cases can be brought to the network by:

  • any member of the network;
  • the Foundation and other civil society organisations;
  • any person who thinks their case could benefit from the support of the PILN.

Cases which achieve a majority vote from the governance committee will be presented to the members, who will be able to put themselves forward to take on the case. Members are encouraged to take on cases as a team rather than individually. The PILN is a space where lawyers are encouraged to share their knowledge and skills on past and ongoing cases they’ve had.